2021 Sustainability Report

Creating a better tomorrow.

Our Business

onsemi develops technology and semiconductor products that deliver on the promise of a more sustainable
future and enable our customers to achieve their own sustainability goals.

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A Letter from Our CEO

I am encouraged by so many companies, including onsemi, that are diligently solving the biggest challenges and transforming industries to address global climate change.

Tomorrow, today

At onsemi, we're creating a future we want to live in. While we have our eyes on tomorrow, it's the work and giving we do today that can make the world a better place.

Net-Zero Commitment

We've set one of the most ambitious goals in our industry to achieve net-zero emissions by 2040 - 10 years ahead of the date established by the Paris Agreement.

Protecting our Planet and Environment

onsemi is committed to developing strategies and programs that address global climate change
and innovating products that support a sustainable ecosystem.

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Emissions and Energy

For years, we have taken steps to reduce GHG emissions and energy consumption throughout the company's operational footprint. We know that what gets measured is managed.

Water and Waste

onsemi will continue to focus on sustainable manufacturing - concentrating on water conservation, material optimization and recycling.

Product Stewardship

We deliver intelligent power and sensing technologies for medical devices, autonomous and electric vehicles, charging station, solar inverters and smarter factories and buildings.

Ensuring Social Responsibility

We believe our company's vision, mission, values and culture afford opportunities for everyone to
make a difference in building a successful global business and to contribute to the greater good.

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Our Employees

Our employees are the heartbeat of onsemi. Our team is made up of the brightest minds from around the world. Our employees are our greatest asset - and together, we will continue to positively change the world as we know it.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Core to our philosophy is embracing diversity, implementing equitable processes and practices and building a culture of inclusion across the organization.


Our Giving Now program promotes STEAM education, amplifies our employees' time and donations and helps with natural disasters and humanitarian crises.

Committing to a Responsible Business

We are dedicated to engaging our employees, focusing on career development, giving back
to our communities, driving diversity, equity and inclusion, and protecting our planet.

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Enterprise Risk Management

We regularly interview key stakeholders and review external research to identify, evaluate, prioritize, manage and report key risks that can impact our company's strategic goals.

Human Rights

At onsemi, we are committed to preserving the fundamental rights of others through our company Code of Business Conducts as well as the Responsible Business Alliance code.

Conflict Minerals

As an active member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative, we engage in reasonable and responsible due diligence with our suppliers and other third parties in our supply chain.

Our Progress

We're proud to share our sustainability strategies and measures, and celebrate our achievements.

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2021 onsemi Sustainability Report

A testament to our continued commitment to transparency, this report communicates our efforts in environmental, social and governance initiatives with our investors, customers, stakeholders and employees.

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2020 CSR Report & GRI Index

Look back at last year's Corporate Social Responsibility report and the foundations laid for our success in 2021.

Communication on Progress (COP)

Our COP, submitted to the United Nations Global Compact, outlines our alignment with its ten principles, focused on human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption.


onsemi has been recognized among the world's leading companies for sustainability and social and ethical responsibility.