Whether an Internet-of-Things (IoT) device is battery-powered or wall-powered, the choice of power management components directly affects the energy efficiency of the device and its overall battery life. In the case of battery-powered IoT, efficiently managing both wake and sleep duty cycling is critical to meeting a 10-year+ battery life (primary cell) or significantly extending recharge (secondary cell) cycles. In addition to higher efficiencies during active modes, an ultra-low quiescent current is critical to ensure long battery life. With the projected IoT devices numbered in billions, even wall-powered devices benefit from energy-efficient power management components. onsemi is an industry leader in energy-efficient power management devices. We offer a comprehensive selection of DC-DC, LDO, PMIC, AC-DC, and PoE product portfolios, with world-class efficiency, quiescent current, noise, and PSRR performance. For example, the NCP170 LDO Regulator consumes only 500 nA of quiescent current while providing 45 dB PSRR at 1 kHz and sub 50 mV load transients. The NCP1568 Active Clamp Flyback Controller achieves over 94% efficiency at 60 W. Our LC709203F is the world’s lowest power Li-ion fuel gauge, drawing only 3 µA of active current. And the NCV6500 15 W Qi wireless charging transmitter (Tx) is best-in-class for efficiency (>75%), with Foreign Object Detection (FOD).

Evaluation/Development Kits

Strata Developer Studio

The Strata Developer Studio is a cloud-connected development platform that provides a seamless, personalized and secure environment for engineers to evaluate and design with onsemi technologies.