onsemi provides configurable, end-to-end, rapid prototyping platforms for the Internet of Things (IoT). These platforms enable the development of energy-efficient solutions for smart homes/buildings, smart cities, industrial IoT (Predictive Maintenance, Asset Monitoring, etc.), and personal IoT (Wearables, activity monitors, etc.) Offering a wide range of choices, including configurable hardware, multiple cloud connectivity, easy-to-use development software, and application examples, these platforms reduce time-to-market and allow rapid deployment of IoT-enabled products.

Evaluation/Development Kits

IoT Development Kit (IDK)

Configurable node-to-cloud rapid prototyping platform built using onsemi’s ultra-low power products for Industrial IoT, Smart Building, Smart Home, Wearbles, asset monitoring and other IoT applcations. With a wide choice of connectivity, sensing and control options, the IDK enables rapid development and deployment of IoT applications. The IDK includes ARM Mbed OS, Eclipse based IDE, cloud connectivity and several application examples.

Bluetooth IoT Development Kit (B-IDK)

With optimized power consumption and easy connectivity to smartphones, Bluetooth Low Energy is the preferred protocol for short-range connected devices including wearables, medical devices, asset trackers, beacons and various smart home devices.

Energy Harvesting Platforms

Battery life consistently ranks among the top concerns for IoT deployments. Maintenance and battery replacement cycles play a significant role in determining the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) of many IoT solutions. As the number of IoT applications continues to grow, manufacturers are seeking new, battery-less methods of powering their devices and improving energy efficiency.

BLE-SWITCH001-GEVB: Energy Harvesting Bluetooth® Low Energy Switch

The Energy Harvesting Bluetooth® Low Energy Switch is a complete reference design for energy harvesting applications including lighting, door and window control, and step counters. Featuring the RSL10 SIP and high-efficiency harvester switch from ZF Electronic, the battery-less switch offers the industry's lowest power consumption and is entirely self-powered. Using the provided firmware and RSL10 Software Development Kit (SDK), the battery-less switch is easily customizable.

Sensor Development Kits

Sensor technology lies at the core of every IoT network and is the first point of contact connecting the real world to the digital sphere. From wearable devices detecting a runner’s heartrate to environmental sensors measuring the moisture levels of a field of crops, the possibilities for sensor technologies are endless. Since nearly all of these connected devices are powered by small batteries, optimizing power consumption is a key part of ensuring reliable operation and maximizing the amount of time between charges.

Connected Lighting Platform

Combining wireless, power, and options for control, the Connected Lighting Platform provides everything needed to develop energy efficient LED lighting solutions. The platform features an LED module, an LED driver module, an AC/DC module, and a Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity module based on the RSL10 SIP. For Power Over Ethernet (PoE) connectivity up to 90 Watts, the PoE Module is available separately.

RSL10 Mesh Platform

The RSL10 Mesh Platform is a versatile and easily configurable development kit that allows for easy development of mesh networking applications based on the industry’s lowest power Bluetooth 5 radio- the RSL10. The platform includes two RSL10-based Mesh Nodes, with a variety of available smart sensors and indicators, and a Strata Gateway, which enables connectivity to the Strata Developer Studio.